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How do I unlock all the levels of Nik & Kit?
You can purchase the full version of each Nik and Kit game at the Breakthrough Gaming Online Store.

What is the difference between each version?
The Browser Access version allows you to play the full game through your web browser on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, and/or game console. When you purchase this version, you will get a username and password to access the game across your devices.
The PC Download version allows you to download the full game and play on your Windows-based desktop, laptop, or tablet.
The PC CD-ROM version is a physical copy of the game, which you can play on your Windows-based desktop, laptop, or tablet.

What web browsers work with the Browser Access version?
Most web browsers will play Nik & Kit. However, compatibility may vary between browsers and devices. You can play the Nik and Kit Demo right here and test how it works on all the devices you would like to play on.

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Nik and Kit
Browser Access $0.99
PC Download $4.99
On PC CD-ROM $9.95

Nik and Kit 2
On PC CD-ROM $9.95